Nice of you to drop by. You’ve probably already heard of us. Have a look through your audio book collection. There you will discover a whole series of prominent tonAtelier productions.


Since we founded tonAtelier in 1990, almost everything in terms of sound runs through our mixing desks. From advertising and music production to audio books. And because the demand in all areas is constantly growing, we have expanded our capacities:

In addition to tonAtelier, which focuses entirely on audio books, there is also our music publishing company Pleasure Park Music and Loft Studios Frankfurt for our advertising clients.


tonAtelier offers you everything audio books need to be produced in a first-class way:

  • Voice castings national / international
  • Production support
  • Audio book authors
  • Voice recording & direction
  • Sound design
  • Music consulting & research
  • Mixing & Mastering


Loft Studios Frankfurt
Our advertising sound studio, contact for agencies and companies, founded in friendly cooperation with LOFT Studios Network.

Loft Tonstudios Frankfurt GmbH & Co. KG
Jakob-Latscha-Strasse 3
60314 Frankfurt / Main
+49 69 242 406 30

Pleasure Park Music
A music publishing company founded by our composers for all musical needs: from composition and licensing to music consulting and arranging.

Pleasure Park Music GmbH
Zehnmorgenstrasse 48-50
60433 Frankfurt / Main
+49 69 138 748 91


We are always looking for new narrators for our audio books. And authors of audio books are also welcome to contact us.

Current job offers:


tonAtelier GmbH & Co. KG

Zehnmorgenstrasse 48-50
D – 60433 Frankfurt/Main


+49 (69) 95 14 29 0